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New work TBA in collaboration with Audiorama/SE with
kind support from the Swedish Arts Council!


Habitat, commission from the Swedish Radio,P2, for the celebration of Arts Birthday, 2021.

@P2 19:00 >>> here!
@Arts Birthday 20'30hrs >>>here!




Very honored to join the panel at the
Nordic Culture Fond!



Landschaften II @DEGEM Concert,
BRRRRRZK Festival, Bremen, DE.
Mor info asap.

Undercurrents @ BIMESP, Sao Paulo, BR.
More info asap.



Undercurrents @ Pulsar festival, DK.


10-12 of January

Undercurrents will be performed during the
San Fransisco Tape Music Festival, USA.

Americas only festival devoted to the performance of audio works projected
in three-domentional space. Check it out here!







KVAST 10 years!
Undercurrents (stereo) is programmed for the symposium,
paneltalk and concert ""How do we go further" @Nordic Embassy, Berlin.


Landschaften I will be perfomed @ Espace Sengor, Bruxelles.
"Alchemie" is a a concert curated by Erik Nyström.

More info can be found here!


Shortcut - Experiment und Begenung.
Pull the Plug - Akusmatische Musik
With Music from
Annesley Black and Savannah Agger.



EAU and Audrioama presents;
PULS concerts at R1 in Stockholm.
Curated by Savannah Agger and Cristian Vogel..







Marmorsalen, Sentralen, Oslo, Norway.
EAU and Audiorama presents "Puls promoter series".

5/12 Cristian Vogel (DK)

6/12 Savannah Agger (SE)

with music by: Hans Tutschku, Hanna Hartman, Clemens von Reusenr,
Brona Martin, Erik Nyström, Jorge Gregorio Garcia Moncada and Savannah Agger.



Undercurrents @ Saarbrücker Tage für elektroakustische und
visuelle Musik.



Undercurrents @ KMH/SE
Celebrating FST 100 years!


26-28th of April.

Lanschaften I will be performed during the

BEAST FEaST 2018: BEASTopia!

"TRANSIT" with music by Savannah Agger (Vacuum)
Hanna Hartman (Lost Trains) and Ylva Betancor (Bridges in Cities on Water).

Audiorama 21.4.18. 18-24hrs!



"Electronic music and the future" - a conversation and concert!
Svensk Musik Var





inSonic 2017.
Undercurrents is being performed during
inSonic: Immersive future festival. @ ZKM



Seoul International Computer Music Festival
and EMS presents Electroacoustic Music from Sweden.

Brücken/Inseln II, Undercurrents and Landschaften I (premiere).

With great support from the Swedish Arts Grants Committe.
Thank you!


15-20th of October.

Landschaften – Visualization, Control and Processing of Sounds in 3D Spaces
by Savannah Agger, Jean Bresson and Thibaut Carpentier is being presented at the
International Computer Muisc Conference in Shanghai.



Undercurrents @ Wendische-dialoge.



Undercurrents @ Tonband 2017 @ Audiorama/SE.



Working with a bunch of nice people here:


January-March 2017.

Happy to be working with this:



Undercurrents @ BEASTdome.
More info here.







Undercurrents was performed at the DEGEM
concert during the Sound and Music Computing Conference,


"Quicksand" will be premiered @ Totem Electrique VIII.
Montreal, Canada.
Read more here!


28-30th of April.

Undercurrents will be performed during the
. Birmingham UK


Reese/Agger in concert @ Audiorama/Stockholm/SE.
Music for loudspeakers from Kirsten Reese and Savannah Agger.
"Undercurrents" will be premiered and "Brücken/Inseln II" will be performed.
Full program and info here!


"TRANSIT" with music from Savannah Agger, Hanna Hartman and Ylva Betancor
will be performed by Audiorama in in the Festival TRANSISTOR ,Malmö/SE.




"Brücken/Inseln II" is premiered the 1st of May @ the "BEAST FEaST 2015".(UK)
More info here!


2nd rd of February.
"Vacuum" was performed in Birmingham with the BEAST system.
@ the CBSO in Birmingham, England.

15th of March.
The performance "VENUS", that I wrote
music for was premiered @ Orionteatern in Stockholm.
Reda more about the performance here!

I tought a course in EAM Composition at EMS in Stockholm during the Autumn.
For more info go to EMS.

Sound of Stockholm. 2014.
I participated in the panel discussion
"Conflict as a creative force".
The discussion revolved around the conflicts described in
The new book " Politics and Aesthetics in Electronic Music, A study
of EMS Electronic Muisc 1964-79" by Sanne Krogh Groth.



I received the STIM stipendium!
Thank you very much!

23rd August.

"Vacuum" was premiered 23rd of August @
Audiorama in Stockholm. "Vacuum" is a part of the project "TRANSIT"..

"TRANSIT" is a collaboration betwwen the composers Savannah Agger, Hanna Hartman, Ylva Nyberg Betancor
and Audiorama. With support from Statens Musikverk.


"Guiame los pasos" is selected to be performed at the New York
Electroacoustic festival!




Guiame los pasos was performed at Universitat Pompeu in Barcelona.
A concert by Phonos and Fylkingen, Currated by Thomas Bjelkeborn.


"Guiame los pasos" waspeformed during
"Propro Prop" at The Moder Museum in Malmö/SE.
See: Moderna Museet


"Guiame los pasos" was performed @ Fylkingen by EMS and
and as a part of the EMS-network Conference in Stockholm.


...Brücken/Inseln for the Ensamble Gageego! and electronics was
premiered the 12th of may in Gothenburg @ the festival GAS.
"Brücken/Inseln" was commisioned by Gageego! with support from the
Swedish Arts Council.
Brücken/Inseln is a part of the project "Delar av någonting större" with music of
Savannah Agger, Joakim Sandgren, Tomas Hulenvik and Ylva Lund Bergner for Gageego and
visuals with the artist Carolina Falkholt.


The Swedish Radio P2, Monitor played 3 pieces of Savannah Agger!


Ars Acustica @ Audiorama in Stockholm played music
by Savannah Agger, Rune Lindblad, Ryoij Ikeda and John Wall.


"Untitled Requiem" is performed during th BEAST Waves concerts 19-20th of November
at the CBSO Center, Birmingham, England.

"Untitled Requiem" was performed bz Audiorama Ars Acustica at The Norbergfestival .

"Guiame los pasos" will be performed in Salerno, Italia.
The concert "59`N" presents Swedish EAM and is curated by KMH and EMS.

"Guiame los pasos" is premiered in the Swedish Radio, P2 20.05h. "Guiame los pasos"
is performed during the EBU Ars Acustica concert.The piece is
commissioned bz EMS/Rikskonserter.

"Untitled Requiem" is performed at Audiorama, Stockholm.
09.02.11 at 19h



"Untitled Requiem" was premiered @ Audiorama Ars Acustica´s
concert during the festival "Sound of Stockholm".

"Extended Terminations" was performed during the
BEAST: State of Play concert in the cbso Center, Brimingham.
More info: and

My music is used for the movie "Erfaringsstoler i våtmark" by
Lars and Ingela Agger. It was screened 11-16th of
october in Dokka, Norway. It is a part of the project
"Arrangemang Erfaringsdelta".

See: Ingela and Lars Agger.

Received a grant from The ArtsGrants Committee of Sweden.
Thank you!

I gave birth to my and Gerhards son, Anton.

5th of February 2010
I composed new music for "Mother Courage..." and "Childrenscrusade"
by Bertolt Brecht. Commissioned by Orionteatern in Stockholm,
w ith support form the Swedish Arts Council.
Directed by Lars Rudolfsson.
Check out for more info.



"Extended Terminations" performed at the
Seoul International Computer music Festival 2009.

I received Stockholm City's "kulturstipendium" 2009!!

Teaching EA composition at The University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre. (DI)

I got my MA degree in Composition from The Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

"Extended Terminations" a tape piece for 8 channels. duration 9'25.
Performed @ Fylkingen in May.

Board member of SEAMS (Society for Electro Acoustic Music in Sweden).

Teaching composition at EMS/Stockholm.


"Terminations" . A tape piece for Wavefield Synthesis and Sound Dome.

Board member of SEAMS (Society for Electro Acoustic Music in Sweden).

Musical supervisor for teatro GLIMT and the performance
"Sisyphus Ascending"

teatro GLIMT

"In Nihilo" for Contrabasse, Computer and 2 metal plates. Performed by Charlotte Testu. Ircam/Paris.

"Plutot la vie" 60 min of music for Kompani Raandevos performance;
Plutot la vie.

Finished the studies at Ircam (The Cursus as a part of The ECMCT program) in February...
...and started the Studies in Berlin.(ECMCT)


A Bachelors degree in Composition from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

Began the studies of the ECMCT program. Studying at IRCAM in Paris from September,
and then continuing @ Udk , TU and Hmf
in Berlin in March 2008.

Musical supervisor for Royalbones Company and the performance "Fusk".

"Metal Degrees"
for Computer, Tape, 12 speakers and 4 metal plates.
Performed @ Fylkingen, Stockholm, and @ "Next generation", ZKM, Karlsruhe.

"Before after"
a klanginstallation for computer, tape, 6 speakers and 2 metal plates.
Performed @ The Crescendo Festival in Berlin, and @ Fylkingen, Stockholm.

"Secretly" for tape and 2 speakers. Performed at Cafe Grundgehalt.Berlin.



Composed the music for Company Raande-Vo´s new piece "Inaff".

"Howlin´" for tape and Musical saw.
Performed 18/5 at Fylkingen.

Composed the music for:
"The Good body".

Directed by Rebecca Forsberg at Riksteatern in Stockholm.
Premiere February 2006.


Composed the music together with Fredrik Iversen for "Roundabout"
Directed by Annesophie Bergman-Steen
at Kanonhallen in Copenhagen.

Composer for Lars Rudolfssons
"Peberrods suppe og fyldt kaalhoved"
at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen.

Saxophone player and lead vocal in
Varietee de lux´s show
Performed at Gotland/Sweden.2005


Composed the music for:
Cirkus Cirkörs show "99% UNKNOWN". Directed by Tilde Björfors.
Pictures from the show here!

"Melt" for tape. Performed at Fylkingen . Stockholm.

...and for Lars Rudolfssons performance
"DC3 "
at Orionteatern in Stockholm.


Composed and performed the music in
Lars Rudolfssons performance
"Barnkonventionen" at Orionteatern in Stockholm.

Music editor and composer for
Cirkuspiloternas show
"Miss Lyckad".
Directed by Karl Stets.

"Naked Ape"!
Composed and performed the music with Magnus Larsson in Naked Apes show  
Directed by Jacob Westin.

Composed the music with Zqaty for
Lars Rudolfssons performance
"Kalevala" at Stockholms Stadsteater.

Edited URGAs music
the moderdance performance
"Nära rum" by Karin Jameson
at Danshögskolan in Stockholm.
Choreography by Karin Jameson.


Started studying composition at
The Royal Collage of Music in Stockholm.
Examination in spring 2007.

Music teacher at Cirkuspiloterna in Stockholm.

Music editor for Cirkuspiloternas show "Virus"!
Directed by Lars Bethke.

Composed the music and performed with Anna Gustavsson
for Ossi Niskalas
"Vid sidan av Sommargatan"
at the Moderndance theatre in Stockholm.
Choreography by Ossi Niskala.

Composed the music for Cirkörs performance at the Nobel prize banquet.


Toured Europe and Asia with Urga and the performance "TRIX".


Toured with URGA in Cirkörs/Orionteatern performance "TRIX".
Directed by Lars Rudolfsson. Toured Europe and Asia .

Released "Urgasm" with URGA at Silence Records.

Composed and performed the music in the performance "APROPOS"
at Kanonhallen in Copenhagen.
Directed by Annesophie Bergman-Steen.

Composed the music together with Andy Hultberg for Cirkörs performance "00:00"!
Directed by Anders Johanisson and Lars Rudolfsson.


Toured with URGA.

Composed and performed the music for
Ossi Niskalas solo dance piece at the Modern dance theatre in Stockholm.


Released "Etanol" with URGA at Silence records.  
Toured with URGA.


Released the soundtrack "Ur kaos föds allting" with URGA
at the record label Eerie materials.


Bandleader for URGA in Cirkörs performance "Ur kaos föds allting".
Directed by Tilde Björfors and the ensemble. Toured Sweden.


Performed as musician and dancer in Cirkus Cirkörs performance
"Skapelsen"! Directed by Tilde Björfors.

Started the band URGA with Irya Gmeyner.


Studied jazz saxophone at Kulturama, Stockholm. 1993-1995.


Worked with Slava theatre in Stockholm as a musician,singer and actor.
Directed by Erk Norlin.